“Be soft for the sake of every hard heart; show them with every movement of your body that gentle does not mean weak.”


Hi there! I’m Monica, and I love photography. You could even say that photography is the love of my life. I fell in love with it years ago as a kid with her grandma’s digital camera, and fall more in love each day. Thankfully my camera has improved since then! My desire is to create images that make you feel something; to draw you into the story being told through a photo. The world can be ugly and hard. My hope is to provide a small corner of beauty and softness to give respite against that ugliness.

I grew up and currently live in the hills of West Virginia, with Ohio and Pennsylvania just a few miles away on either side of me. I was homeschooled by my mom along with my five siblings all through school. My parents taught me how to love nature and see beauty in everything at all times. I was blessed that I got to grow up running outside and climbing trees, drawing and cooking over a fire outside, and reading away my high school years when I just couldn’t deal. Both my mom and dad are artists and they both helped me find my voice in my art. From the beginning they had my back and understood my need to create. I can’t imagine growing up any other way and still turning out to be the woman I am today.




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